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December 15th, 2005

Prospect Heights, IllinoisAuburn, California

LOMO America, Inc. of Prospect Heights, Illinois and Stellarvue Telescopes of Auburn, CA, a world renowned manufacturer of high-end astronomical telescopes has announced an Exclusive Distribution Agreement for LOMO Apochromatic Triplet Lenses on US and Canadian markets. The Triplet Lenses are manufactured by LOMO PLC of St. Petersburg Russia, one of the world's largest and most advanced optical manufacturers.

"LOMO Apochromatic Triplets meet our extremely rigid criteria for optical performance", says Vic Maris, President of Stellarvue. "Over the past couple of years we have introduced the Stellarvue 80S, 80L, SV4 and SV102T telescopes. These instruments have been among our best and they use lenses made by LOMO. What both companies have in common is an unyielding dedication to the highest standards of quality".

"LOMO America and LOMO PLC have now entered into direct cooperation with Stellarvue in order to utilize our enormous capabilities and introduce more exciting products to the astronomical community in North America", says Eugene Lurye, President of LOMO America, Inc. "This is just the beginning of what we hope will become a very long term and highly successful relationship between Stellarvue and LOMO".

You can see the specifications and purchase Stellarvue telescopes incorporating LOMO lenses at http://www.stellarvue.com/.

Lomo America, Inc.
Established in 1995, LOMO America, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for products manufactured by LOMO PLC of St. Petersburg, Russia. We are currently the largest stocking LOMO distributor in the world. We provide LOMO Microscopes, Endoscopes, Night Vision Devices and Telescopes, as well as precision OEM optical components for scientific, medical, industrial, and amateur astronomy communities in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Stellarvue Telescopes
Established in 1995, Stellarvue Telescopes has produced thousands of medium to high-end refractors second to none in their price range. Stellarvue is dedicated to introducing people to the night sky with telescopes that are made in the United States using high-end Russian optics. Telescopes are individually made in Auburn California using advanced CNC equipment. Each telescope is personally star tested by Vic Maris.

Media Contacts:

Chris Vander Tuuk
Lomo America, Inc.

Vic Maris
Stellarvue Telescopes
(530) 823-7796

August 25th, 2005 

It has come to our attention that certain misleading and false information about Apochromatic Triplets manufactured by LOMO PLC has been posted on some Internet forums and user groups.

Regretfully, as we have recently learned, this information is attributed to Mr. Markus Ludes of APM (Amateur Prazisionsoptic Mechanik), one of our dealers who has no exclusive rights on any products manufactured by LOMO PLC.

One of the largest optical manufacturers in the world, LOMO PLC is an ISO 9001 certified company and maintains the highest standards of quality in its manufacturing processes. Needless to say, LOMO PLC has never manufactured and shipped any "substandard" or "second quality" product to any customer anywhere in the world. All Triplets are manufactured strictly according to its specifications and pass through vigorous QC testing prior to shipment. A Certificate of Quality and Conformance and corresponding interferogram is issued and included with each unit.

Additionally, LOMO America, Inc. as an Exclusive Distributor of LOMO PLC for USA, Canada and Mexico maintains its own quality control system. Therefore, all Apochromatic Triplets offered by LOMO America through Apogee, Inc. are of the same high quality as any other manufactured by LOMO PLC.

We would like to apologize to the all our customers and to the amateur Astronomy Community for this unfortunate misinformation. LOMO PLC has officially notified Mr. Markus Ludes that spreading of any misleading and false information about LOMO PLC, its Authorized Dealers, and/or its products is completely unacceptable.

Please, feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

January 23, 2002 

On January 23, 2002 the opening of LOMO PLC Internet representation took place. This day the official web site of St.Petersburg company, lomo.ru, became accessible. According to opinion of its creators, the opening of the site is an important event in the firm's life. LOMO Internet representation should become not just an "exhibition" of LOMO products, but a complete information system, promoting development of communications between the firm and public.

The site contains materials about the enterprise, its history and achievements. Here one can get acquainted with civic products of the firm, company's news, the most interesting materials of the corporate newsletter Panorama LOMO and publications about LOMO PLC in official mass media. As for shareholders, they can find information concerning LOMO PLC securities, account for the passed financial year as well as the main economic and financial indexes. Besides, visitors of the site can socialize in a special forum, where they have an opportunity to discuss different questions connected both with LOMO products and with optical branch in general. The detailed contact information allows any visitor of the site to put questions to certain firm's divisions and to receive a comprehensive answer in the shortest terms.
The site www.lomo.ru is in Russian. For those who do not speak Russian there is an active reference to a site www.lomoplc.com in English, created for LOMO PLC by its partners in the United Stated, the company LOMO-America. This site has already been functioning for more than a year.

The creation of the site in Russian was preceded by hard work on building an internal information network among company's divisions and the system of network administration. There are no doubts that this communication channel will be efficient, as during two months, while the site was piloted, dozens of e-mails per day came to two e-mail addresses indicated on the site home page. With the beginning of the site full-scale functioning the amount of requests to company's specialists according to their assessments will increase considerably. The first half a year the site will work in a test mode. Besides constant updating it is planned to further develop the corporate site. 

Thus LOMO PLC will become another large enterprise of the former military industrial complex in Russia, which has its own web site working on a full scale. 

December 16, 2001

On December 16, 2001 during elections to Legislative Assembly of Leningrad Region, Russia, pilot pieces of the new Voting Papers Processing Complex created at LOMO PLC were used for the first time. 

At one of electoral districts in Gatchina town two pilot pieces were mounted, and their work was controlled by special committee. It included employees of electoral committees and director of Scientific and Research Institute of Computer Software, State Owned Enterprise. 

According to committee's assessment, the experiment was successful and all goals established were achieved. During the voting procedure both complexes were working without any mistakes. Observers and electors had no remarks or claims. The committee specially noted that the new model of complex is simpler to assemble, and it takes operators less time to learn to work with it than with a previous one. 

The first experience of using the new device was successful. We are sure that in the future Voting Papers Processing Complex will show itself in the best way as well

July 15, 2001

A visit of ambassadors of Lomographic Society initiated by LOMO PLC was organized in St.Petersburg on July 11-15, 2001. About 60 guests from Portugal, France, Germany, Australia, Great Britain, Spain, South Korea, Austria, Holland, the USA, Italy and other countries took part in this event. Lomographic Society has already been functioning for more than 8 years and unites admirers of St.Petersburg photo-camera LOMO-compact. Shots are taken lightly and freely from any posture without looking in a viewfinder. Lomographers themselves admit that they catch moments of life creating huge colorful walls of thousands of lomographs, which they later exhibit in festive atmosphere in different cities of the world.

A central event of the visit was the joint conference held on Friday, where issues of cooperation development between LOMO PLC and Lomographic Society were discussed. Besides the ambassadors exchanged their work experience and perspectives of Lomographic movement development. The guests had an opportunity to get acquainted in detail with "Alma mater" of the cult photo-camera LOMO-compact and visited the workshops of LOMO PLC. The initiative of LOMO PLC to organize such a conference was not accidental. This meeting is very important for St.Petersburg enterprise, which exclusively supplies photo-camera LOMO-compact to Lomographic Society as it should change the incorrect idea of LOMO shared by many lomographers as a company, which produces only photo-cameras. Organizers of the meeting hope that a closer acquaintance of ambassadors with LOMO PLC will help to create a correct image of St.Petersburg enterprise abroad, as lomographic ambassadors evoke constant interest of mass media representatives in their countries. Another reason of ambassadors' visit to St.Petersburg was to sum up the results of St.Petersburg lomographic contest which was held as part of the world lomographic contest Lomo ActionSampler Games and has just finished. Timour Doubro, a young man from St.Petersburg, was announced the winner of the contest. He will go to Belgrad, Serbia and participate in the finals of the world lomographic contest. During their visit to St.Petersburg ambassadors got acquainted with beauties of the Northern Russian capital, visited the city's museums and theatres, took a boat trip along the Neva River, admired the grandiose spectacle of drawing the bridges and enjoyed themselves at lomographic parties in night clubs of the city.

A press conference was held on Friday, in which Sergey Shnourov (Deputy Director, Marketing and Sales) and Lazar Zalmanov (Deputy Director, Public Relations) participated on the part of LOMO PLC. Lomographic Society was represented by Matthias Fiegl and Wolfgang Stranzinger (Presidents) and Susan Stephanie Weber (Lomographic Ambassador in St.Petersburg). They spoke about the outcomes of this visit and about new promising joint projects, in particular, about the beginning of production of another exclusive product for lomographers - a Night Vision attachment to a photo-camera LOMO-compact. Its attractiveness consists in the possibility to use this device both for observation of objects in moonlight or starlight and for taking pictures at night in attachment to LOMO-compact.


As part of their tour around LOMO PLC lomographers visited several workshops of the company including the premise where one of the central components (electronic obturator) for a photo-camera LOMO-compact is manufactured A press conference which was devoted to results of lomograpgers' visit to LOMO PLC was attended by representatives of more than 15 mass media, including foreign ones.

July 12, 2001

LOMO PLC has received a governmental telegram from the Central Elections Committee of the Russian Federation telling that the company has won a tender for development and production of voting papers processing complex, which was organized by Central Elections Committee.

In 1996 LOMO PLC had already been manufacturing a similar product for Central Elections Committee (the device was called then Voting Papers Scanner). The amount of products manufactured was 1300. Voting Papers Scanners were used during 36 federal and regional elections in several dozens of Russian Federation subjects. 

A new voting papers processing complex, for which a contest was declared, will considerably differ from the previous model, which will allow one to use it between elections. In particular, it will process voting papers with marks of any color not only of size A4 but also A3, as practice has shown that one standard sheet of paper is not enough for a whole list of candidates. It will be two times lighter due to using plastic components for the case of the device. Voting papers processing complex will accept neither folded voting papers nor several papers at once. Information scanning will be carried out by a new voting papers processing complex from two sides and not from one side of a sheet as it was before. It will be able to scan not only voting papers but also any polling information, and that's the reason why the device can be used between elections. A new important feature consists in the ability of voting papers processing complex to work in conditions of sudden changes of electrical voltage in the interval 155 V to 265 V, which is essential for work in regions with unstable supply of electricity.

The whole work should be carried out in 3 steps. The first one is to develop documents and produce 3 pilot pieces of voting papers processing complex, then a test batch (50 pieces) will be manufactured. These two steps should be taken already in 2001. These devices will be tested during regional elections and if the result is positive a contract for regular production of devices will be signed.

This is a serious work for LOMO PLC because it means developing actually new sophisticated product in very short terms. The company will have to restart production which was suspended after the order for Voting Papers Scanners was closed in 1997 and to create more than 100 working places for assembling and testing of a new scanner in addition to those which already exist.

June 18, 2001

LOMO PLC (St.Petersburg, Russia) has received the Certificate which confirms that the company's quality system meets all the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001. The Certificate was delivered by representatives of the German company "TýV-CERT" to top-managers of the Russian company. Presentation of the certificate is a natural outcome of a big work on the development and implementation of the quality system which was carried out at LOMO. The fact that the company possesses such a certificate allows LOMO to promote more strongly its products not only on the Russian but also on the world markets. The certificate of the firm "TýV-SERT" which is valid in many countries of the world signifies the acknowledgement of the quality system which was developed and introduced at the Russian enterprise during the last years. If you would like to see LOMO ISO 9001 Certificate please click here.


June 9, 2001

On June 9, 2001 an annual meeting of LOMO PLC stockholders took place. 

In the past year sales proceeds at LOMO have increased by 15% in comparison with the year 1999. This is quite a good result, as in 1999 the growth in sales proceeds increased in its turn by more than 60% comparing to the previous period. The stockholders have admitted that on the whole the financial state of LOMO can be characterized as satisfactory. Increase of production and sales volumes by further 15% is planned in 2001. The most considerable growth in sales is planned in the following lines: observation devices, endoscopes and other medical equipment, microscopes. 

The annual report of the company, the balance sheet, profit and loss statement were ratified, the amount of the dividends was fixed, new members of the Board of Directors and Revision Committee were chosen and the auditor for the year 2001 was appointed almost unanimously. 

The decision has been made at the stockholders' meeting not to charge dividends on general stocks. The meeting agreed with the Board of Directors which had proposed to pay dividends on preference stocks in compliance with the charter of the company.

May 30, 2001

LOMO PLC has become a co-organizer of the two humanitarian actions held in St.Petersburg and Leningrad region (Russia). Both actions are connected with the development of the Lomographic movement in St.Petersburg. Lomography is a new creative trend of the photographic art. It's a kind of an international club which unites tens of thousands of people all over the world. Using the photocamera "LOMO-compact" (manufactured at LOMO PLC) they learn the world around them, make millions of bright, persuading, sometimes crazy but always funny and unrepeatable shots of the disappearing life moments. The outcome of this photohunt is colorful walls made of thousands of photos which reflect the original Lomographic perception of life. About 100 000 people from more than 50 countries of the world are members of the International Lomographic Society (with headquarters in Vienna). Last year after the Lomographic Embassy opening in St.Petersburg the movement started developing in this city as well.

Together with the St.Petersburg Administration Committee on Culture, the Small Hall of the Philharmonic Society named after Glinka and the House of Culture "Progress" LOMO PLC has become a co-organizer of the International exhibition of the flower arrangers called "The Music of White Nights". The works of plant designers from the USA, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, France, Uruguay and Russia were represented at the exhibition. It's the 12th time the exhibition takes place and the first time lomographers of St. Petersburg take part in this exhibition. The life of flowers is short, but they give us colors which we can enjoy constantly. That's why St.Petersburg lomographers have created a special Lomographic composition "The Colors of St.Petersburg", which perfectly combines with the marvelous compositions of natural flowers.

An action "Children's World in Lomography" took place last year (2000) in autumn. Many children with poor eyesight, aged 5 to 14, who are being brought up in orphanages have participated in the creation of the "Children's Lomographic Wall" consisted of 1.5 thousand pictures taken by kids with the photocameras "LOMO-compact". This exhibition was shown in St.Petersburg and other cities of Russia several times, and it was even shown abroad, evoking viewers' standing joyful surprise. The aim of this action organized by the charity fund "Give a Chance to a Child" together with LOMO PLC was to give children an opportunity to participate in bright and creative life and learn to bring joy to themselves and to other people. This experience has turned to be so successful that the Government of Leningrad Region decided to support and develop it. On May 30, 2001 an agreement was signed by Leningrad Region Government, LOMO PLC, Lomographic Embassy in St.Petersburg, social agency "Lomography", Children's Charity Fund "Give a Chance to a Child" and Leningrad Region subsidiary of the Russian Children's Fund.It is planned according to this agreement to organize a charity action "Children's World of Lomography" during summer holidays for children from Leningrad Region orphanages. The parties which have signed the agreement will provide photo-cameras, films, and the necessary financial support so that children from several orphanages in Leningrad Region will be able to get involved in Lomography, a new, bright and upbeat trend of the photographic art. Lomographers from St.Petersburg will help them to do it.In the opinion of the parties which have signed the agreement, this action will give children an opportunity to make their summer holidays more diverse and will contribute to their spiritual development and creative self-expression. The action will be finished in September, when a Lomographic exhibition comprised of shots taken by children is shown to public. 

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